Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!!!

I am excited to be able to participate in "Pink Saturday" for the first time. Thank you, Beverly, from "How Sweet the Sound" for hosting each week. I wanted to show you this sweet vintage tea and toast set. I purchased this set from Debbi at Marionberry Cottage on Etsy. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I love pink roses and handpainted china. On the back of each piece is the name of the lady who painted it: "Original-Designed Hand Painted (1945) by Irene M. Marshall of California." Debbi told me Mrs. Marshall is now 95 and still painting. Isn't that wonderful?
The second picture is the entrance to my home with a pink geranium hanging basket and my pink bunny wreath that I made. Please visit all the participants for "Pink Saturday" by going to:
Have a good weekend. Vicki

It is almost that time of year again!!

School will be starting again here in Texas in a little over three weeks. I must say, it will seem strange to not be up at my school busily putting up bulletin boards, passing out textbooks, and making lesson plans in preparation for the upcoming school year. There will be new teachers just like I once was. Right out of college and eager to begin their career. Their enthusiasm and love for the children will make up for any mistakes they may make. Let us remember our teachers, administrators, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians and all those who will make a tremendous impact on our children. This will be the first experience of being away from mommy and daddy for some, a move to a higher school such as middle school, high school or college for others. I ask God to encompass His guardian angels around our children and keep them from all harm. After all, they are our nation's most precious asset.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Showers of blessings and a few words of encouragement!!

I was so thankful to be awakened this morning by thunder and a refreshing rain. We haven't had any rain in several weeks, and our daily temperatures have been 100 degrees or higher. This is one day I won't have to get out and water my yard and flowers, yea!! The threat of grass fires has been high so this will help our firefighters, those who live out in the country, our farmers and our ranchers as well. Speaking of showers, I know God blesses our lives daily. Sometimes, however, the stresses of daily living, loss, or loneliness, may get us down. I have some quotes that I keep on the front of my refrigerator to remind me that God is in control of all things. I wanted to share some of these quotes with you:
~When we are in a situation where Jesus is all we have, we soon discover He is all we really need.~Gigi Graham Tchividjian
~God is adequate as our keeper. Your faith will not fail while God sustains it: you are not strong enough to fall away while God is resolved to hold you.~
~The beauty of grace is that it meets us where we are and gives us what we don't deserve~Charles R. Swindoll
~What a wonderful God we have. He is the source of every mercy, and the one who so wonderfully comforts and strengthens us. ~2 Corinthians 1:3-4TLB
~I am with you and will protect you wherever you go.~Genesis 28:15 TLB
~The Lord is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger and of great mercy.~Psalm 145:8KJV
~Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."~MaryAnne Radmacher
I am wishing a wonderful day for you!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Please remember our military and their families

I live in the greater Ft. Hood, Tx area and see first hand the tremendous sacrifices our military and their families make to support and defend our country. Please remember them in your prayers daily.

Take a stroll with me down memory lane. . .

My oldest son and two of his children have been in the musical "Bye, Bye Birdie" this summer. The story takes place in the 1950's and brought back some memories of my "growing up" days. If you are past 50 and closing in on 60 like me, some of these things may bring some memories back to you: *Bazooka Bubblegum *Barbie *Annette and Frankie and the beach party movies *madras plaid and bermuda shorts *Archie comic books *Howdy Doody, Captain Kangaroo and Queen for a Day on tv *playing kickball and softball at school recess *family picnics with fried chicken, ice cold watermelon and homemade ice cream always on the menu *playing hide and seek with the neighborhood kids on warm summer evenings until your momma called you home *riding your bike like the wind *roller skates with a skate key *Elvis *playing dress up with your big sister's can cans (petticoats) and high heels *going steady *making the drag *flying kites
My list could go on and on as I think back to those days of innocence and pure fun. How about you? Did this spur some memories for you of your childhood days? Please feel free to share memories of days gone by no matter what the era.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I love my new banner!!!

Debbi at MarionberryCottage made this banner for me. I wanted a banner but wasn't sure about how to get one. Then, she sent me this one. It is perfect and fits my personality so well. It was just what I was looking for. If you haven't visited Debbi's blog, you need to. It is so pretty. Also, she makes beautiful things and sells them on Etsy so please check her lovely items. I have purchased from her, and you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much, Debbi!

A lot to learn

Well, I have a lot to learn about blogging. I have figured out a little about colors for the page, etc. and even managed to post a picture to my blog title. I need to make both of these larger (title and picture) but haven't figured that out yet. It is a cloudy and even a bit cooler morning here in central Texas. The skies look promising so again we are hoping for rain. My morning routine has already started. First, I feed the cats. I have three. One is my own, Bandit, and the other two I more or less inherited from some neighbors who moved away. They are always at my back patio door each morning looking through the window and meowing pitifully until I come out with food. I also put bird seeds out for my cardinals and blue jays. I have a humming bird feeder by my patio door as well. I love to watch the hummingbirds come up for nectar. The next part of my morning routine is calling me: A cup of coffee and some toast. I read my morning devotions while enjoying my coffee. I am also reading a Reader's Digest condensed book by Nicholas Sparks. My sister reads the condensed books and then passes them on to me. Between my sister, Myra, and my niece, Robin, I usually keep supplied with good books to read.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Special Thanks

I forgot to say a special "thanks" to Rebecca at "A Gathering Place". She is the one who encouraged me to start a blog. I love to read her blog daily. She has a gorgeous blog and a gorgeous home and studio. "Thank you" Rebecca for your encouragement.

I am excited!!

I am so excited that my second post showed up that I think I will write a little more. As I mentioned in my profile, I am a recently retired public school teacher. I taught for thirty some odd years, and I hope I touched some lives with my teaching. I can honestly say that I gave my best every single day that I was in my classroom. I am not saying that I was always successful, but I wanted the children to learn and to love learning. My grandkids call me "Gee". I had thought up all these cute names my grandchildren could call me, but "Gee" stuck because that was what my first grandchild, Jake, started calling me. They spend the night with me at least once a month, and we have a rocking and rolling good time. We do pretty well what they want to do (within limits, of course) and have a really great time together. I am hoping to be able to have a beautiful blog banner and learn how to post pictures one of these days. Who knows, I didn't think I would be able to do even this much! Take care and wishing you and your family many blessings. Vicki p.s. The Texas Rangers are playing, and I have to go and see how they are doing. "Go Rangers!!"

My second attempt at blogging!!!

Obviously my first attempt did not work. I am not really a computer whiz by any means. I am pretty good at e-mail and E-Bay and that is about it. But, nevertheless, I am not one to give up so I am trying again. I live in hot central Texas, and we really need rain. I have a large garden area which I have been having to water daily. I grow 50 or 60 antique and old garden roses (I have lost count). They are surviving quite well. However, the hydrangeas which I love have to be watered twice daily to keep from wilting. I will close for now and see if this post will be published. Thank you for reading my post.