Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!! October 31, 2009

Hello and welcome dear friends to another fun filled Pink Saturday. Our event is hosted each week by Beverly from "How Sweet the Sound". Thank you, Beverly, for so graciously hosting us each week. I am a dish collecting girl from way back. I can remember as a little girl playing with a set of children's dishes. They were made of tin and covered in flowers. Maybe that is when my addiction began. I am sharing with you some of my favorite pieces and yes, all covered in roses. I also loved this sweet pincushion that is covered in roses. I don't sew, but I keep it on a table near my bed. I love to have beautiful things in my bedroom to feast my eyes upon when I get up each morning. I hope I am not boring you to tears with the roses in my garden, but as long as they keep blooming, I can't seem to help myself. I keep taking pictures of them. Something to warm those cold, gray winter days when I can look back at them and brighten my day. And last, a favorite Halloween card. I love the expression on the little girl's face. Please visit Beverly and all the other pink participants by going here:
You will be glad you did!
Thank you for coming by today. Your friendship means so much to me. Have a beautiful weekend and Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A final bow. . .

One of my favorite things to do is cut a fresh bouquet of roses from my garden and then give them to someone as a surprise. Please know if I could, I would love to personally give each of you a bouquet of roses from my garden as a token of my friendship. Have a very rosy week, sweet friends!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My top ten!!

Isn't this little girl a sweetheart? I fell in love with her the minute I saw her. I think we have all had days like this. I know I sure have. However, today I would like to share with you my top ten things that make me smile:
#1 The sun came up this morning.
#2 We woke up to enjoy it!
#3 A baby is being born at this very moment.
#4 It is always springtime somewhere in the world.
#5 A baby bird is spreading its wings and learning to fly.
#6 A child is giggling as he or she learns to roller skate.
#7 That "special song" from way back when is playing on the radio.
#8 A military man or woman is being lovingly greeted by their family because they are safely home once
#9 There is always a rainbow after the rain.
#10 God's love and care is constant.
What puts a smile on your face?
I hope you are having a beautiful week and enjoying many smiles!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome to my cottage home!!! Let's have an autumn tea!

My cottage home and gardens are a real blessing to me! I find peace and contentment here in a sometimes very fast paced world. I welcome you, dear friends. My friendly scarecrow that stands in my garden welcomes you, too! I thought it would be fun to have an autumn tea today. I have a cozy chair waiting for you here but let's pull it closer to the fire so you can feel its warmth. Peter Rabbit is hiding in Farmer McGregor's fall vegetable garden. However, I think I hear Mother Rabbit calling him. She wants him to put on one of the sweaters she has knitted him for the cooler weather. Besides Peter, you also see a cute little pumpkin and one of my favorite handpainted china teacups just for you. I love my Autumn Blessings painting. The little girl is sitting on a pumpkin while eating her apple. My little witch wanted to come to the party, too, but she is totally friendly, no bad spells here! I would like to offer one of my pink ghost sugar cookies to go along with your tea. (Ghost cookies picture is courtesy of Kathleen at "Gonna Want Seconds" Thank you, Kathleen) The next picture shows a favorite painting, teapot and teacup that sits on the armoire in my living room. The rose is from my garden where the roses will bloom until mid to late November. The white bench is in my living room and holds some of my favorite things: a pillow, vintage embroidery, handpainted rose lamp, and a tea cup. I also like to include a vintage image in my posts. I couldn't resist this little Halloween boy.
I am participating in two special events this week: "Tea Things Tuesday" hosted by Kim at "Shabby, Pink and Pretty". Thank you, Kim; and "Show Your Cottage Monday" hosted by Cielo at "The House in the Roses". Thank you, Cielo. You can see the tea participants by visiting Kim here:
You can see the cottage participants by visiting Cielo here:
I hope you have enjoyed your tea and visit to my cottage home today. I know I have certainly enjoyed the company. Have a blessed beautiful autumn week!