Monday, October 19, 2009

Come in, dear friends! It is time for a cup of tea!!

"A little cup of friendship
With a bag of tea
When you drink this,
Think of love from me."

Hello, sweet friends, take off your hat and coat and stay a while. I have some tea ready to be served. Please choose one of these rose covered cups to enjoy your tea in. I also have one of my favorite rosy pots to serve you with. I went out to my garden and cut some beautiful roses for us to enjoy, too. I baked a delicious batch of "tea cakes" for us to enjoy. You remember when you visited a couple of weeks ago, I told you about some delicious cookies my momma always made. She called them her "tea cake" cookies. Unfortunately, I did not have her recipe. I think she just had it stored in her memory as how to make them. My friend, Julie Marie, of Idyllhours later told me that her sweet momma also made a similar cookie, and she had her recipe. She graciously shared her recipe with me and that is the batch of cookies I made. I hope you enjoy them. They are very good! The family picture by my canister set and creamer and sugar is a picture of my great grandparents and their children. The tallest girl dressed in white at the very back is my grandmother, Alice. She was my daddy's mother. She died when my daddy was only four years old. I never personally knew any of these relatives, but I know I am a part of them, and they are a part of me. I especially wish I could have known my grandmother. We will meet one of these days! And last, I had to share some roses in my garden. As long as they are still blooming, I am going to keep snapping pictures. These pictures will give me something to dream of in the coldest days of winter.

Thank you so much for coming by for tea and cookies. I always enjoy our "Tea Things Tuesday". Kim from "Shabby, Pink and Pretty" always hosts our event each week. Thank you, Kim. Please visit Kim and all the other participants to see what tea things they have to share. You can find them all here:

Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful autumn day!


Bunny said...

Just beautiful setting and so very inviting. Love the top teacup it is my favourite. Enjoyed my visit.

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oh Vicki, tears came to my eyes when I saw the photo of the cookies you made from my mama's recipe! They look EXACTLY the same way hers did! I am soo happy they turned out for you! The recipe first came from my grandma, then to my mama, then to me... now to you my sweet friend! I believe I will choose the aqua teacup with roses, thank you, and have a yummy cookie with my tea... do you mind if I choose a pretty pink rose from your basket to take home and hang to dry? The photo of your grandmother and family is precious... I am sure she is watching over you with love... I so wish I had known many of my ancestors as well... you are right though, they are a part of who we are... Your garden photos are pretty... merci for inviting me to tea! Bisous... Julie Marie

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very lovely. I would love to join you for tea.


Julie Harward said...

Thanks for the tea party..I've been holding those since I was a little girl..then I served dandelion stems and pretend tea! Beautiful cups and tea pot~Come say hi :D

Tanza said...

Hi Vicki,
Ooohhh your tea sounds lovely !! I will be right over !! That teapot with the matching sweet cups .. is soo charming !! Just my colors !! And your cookies, made my mouth water .. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tea this afternoon !! Just Perfect !! Love to you sweet one ~
hugs ~tea~xo

someplace in thyme said...

Oh Vickie, I don't think it gets any better than that. Your teacups and saucers are gorgeous. I love the setting, it's so romantic and inviting. Thankyou so much for having me, Char

the voice of melody said...

Vickie, your tea things are so pretty! Thank you for sharing your tea cakes and roses and having me over for a long distance tea party. Your family's picture is such a treasure too. :)

June said...

Your roses are still so gorgeous and I'm so glad thet you are still enjoying them. Now I can enjoy them too.
Your tea was lovely and your settings are beautiful.

Maria said...

Oh I do love tea things, Vicki... Tonight I'm having lemon ginger tea (Stash's) and my homemade pumpkin muffins :)
Tea cookies are the best... Your picture of your family reminds me of the wonderful teas my grandmother used to prepare. When we didn't have her delicious cookies, we spread butter and jam on crackers... It brings back such warm memories.
... Hope your week is lovely ~ Maria

Rebecca said...

I lovvvvvvvvvvve Tea Cakes. As soon as I shed the Junk in my Trunk I'm going to eat some.

It seems to me I'm SPYING one of my pretty pillows in one of your pics. Am I right???


Maria said...

ps. I also love the photo you posted over the weekend... how sweet and how beautiful~

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me come to tea with you today!! What lovely tea sets you have and the flowers were so lovely and fragrant-- then those cookies- yummy- may I have a to go box please!

Sares said...

Teatime here is always so beautiful and delicious! I get my fix of roses for the day! Have a delightful day tomorrow!

Mary said...

It will be difficult to choose from your beautiful teacups! I have some of the same pattern, and they are my favorites. The cookies look yummy, too...thanks so much for the wonderful tea party!

Have a wonderful Tea Tuesday!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Another fab post Vicki!! You KILL me with all this china! I collect chocolate pots :) I just love the shape of them! Those cookies look delish! I could just reach through the screen and grab one :)
Love ya sweets,

Erica said...

Your tea sounds really nice. I love all your things, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Tea Tuesday!

Judith Tetley said...

Oh Vicki....charming as always. I want to come for tea and I want to come in "that hat"!
Kind Regards

Pauline said...

Oh, Vicki, I quite enjoy seeing all your beautiful things, but best of all the photograph. I moved me to see your grandmother as a child. The wonders of photograph and the precious memories they hold.
God bless you, my friend :o)

ellen b. said...

Lovely tea time filled with good memories. You have some great pieces! Enjoyed your Tea Time Tuesday...

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Vicki, what a lovely post, and the photos are wonderful! I feel as if I am right there with you enjoying one of those tea cake cookies and smelling the delicious scent of fresh tea. Your tea cups are wonderful, love the soft designs on them. What treasures you have. I also loved your post on the simple pleasures in life, the majority of your list could have been one that I would have written, like holding children's hands, a cat stretched out in the sun, and so many more. I always enjoyed it when other post about the simple joys in life. We all need to keep them in mind in the hectic fast-pace of today!! warmly, Debby

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Hi Vicki,
Very pretty. The picture of the lady is very regal! It is so nice you have a picture of your family. The tea cakes look fun! Beautiful tea blog this week!

koralee said...

Oh I would love to have tea with you and your lovely tea set! Thank you for the invite! xoxoxo Everything is so pretty!

Shabby Kim said...

What a lovely tea party you had today Vicki. I felt most welcome seeing all of your beautiful china and roses and those cookies look so yummy. Also enjoyed having you share a little bit of your family history as well. Great job with your post today!!

maría cecilia said...

oh Vicki, the tea cake cookies, the dishes, the teacups, the teapot, the old picture of your family, your roses... ooohh, everything is so, so beautiful!!!
thank you very much
Muchos cariños
María Cecilia

Kathleen said...

I absolutely love your beautiful china tea cups. Tea was always a big deal in my family. My grandfather was from England and, though my grandmother was born in the U.S., both of here parents were born in Great Britain. Our family had tea daily. My grandma measured our maturity by whether we were ready to drink tea black or if we still had to have cream and or sugar in our afternoon tea. It's funny when I think about it now. Most people I meet from England partake in both of those condiments! I always felt far more superiorily British because I eschewed both cream and sugar. How silly! That's the only way I can drink hot tea now as an adult. I sure do miss my sweet Grandma!!!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a lovely party post! Each picture is prettier than the one before! I really love your cannister set, too. I've got some catching up on your past posts to do now!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

T's Daily Treasures said...

Always so charming and inviting, warm and cosy! What a lovely Tuesday Tea Time! I enjoyed it so much. Peace & blessings, Tammy


All your tea china is so beautiful. I wish I were there for a spot of tea.

Ana said...

Hi sweet Vicki,
Thank you for your weekly tea time invitation. It is always so much fun to pretend I actually come over and have tea with you dear friend. All your teacups are so beautiful it is hard to pick one to take my tea in and those cookies look delicious. Thank you again for the invitation. I do hope you have a wonderful day.

Tons of love,

tales from an oc cottage said...

Oh, my don't you have some pretty things!!!!

m ^..^

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Vicki, It's always such a treat to see all of your gorgeous tea things! I just love how you arrange everything, it always looks so beautiful! The tea cookies look delicious and your family picture is such a treasure!
Have a lovely evening~
Hugs, Carol Anne