Thursday, January 31, 2013

Won't you be. . .

my valentine?   I love these vintage valentine boxes, don't you?
As a young girl, I always wanted a box of chocolates in a pretty heart-shaped box.  My sister was a teenager at the time with boyfriends who often presented her with pretty valentine chocolates.  One Valentine's Day my daddy surprised me. . .
He bought me a sweet little box of chocolates for Valentine's Day!  I was so excited and happy!  Tomorrow is the first day of February, one of my favorite months. . .the month of love.  I hope my post  finds you doing well today, dear friends. Wishing you good health and contentment and of course, lots of love!!


Julie Marie at Idyllhours said...

Aren't daddys the best!... I miss mine so... how sweet your daddy bought you chocolates... those boxes are so pretty!... I am welcoming February too... wishing you nothing but beautiful days filled with precious memories and many new ones with your family... love to you sweet friend !... xoxo Julie Marie

Shirley said...

Dear Vicki,
Your Valentine Chocolate boxes are so sweet. I wish I had kept all mine. Now I pick them up here and there as they are hard to find.
February is such a fun loving month. I am so busy with Valentine displays and local paper articles that I'm almost...just almost waiting for it to be over..
Kindredly, Shirley

Ana said...

These heart-shaped boxes are absolutely beautiful. I remember my dad giving my mom a pretty red one, like one of these and thinking I couldn't wait to be married to get one from my husband...It is so sweet, the incense of a child's thought process. Wishing you a beautiful month of love my dear friend.

Much love,