Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Love Story . . .

The pictures you are seeing above are of my parents. They were "Momma and Daddy" to my sister and I, "Mom and Pop" to their grandchildren and "Roween and Dibb" to their friends and neighbors. The first pictures are of them as young adults, and the latter picture is after they had been married for sixty years. They met at a dance at a friend's house out in the country. They married in a small ceremony. This was the time of the Great Depression so money was very scarce. My momma made her own wedding dress of moire taffeta, and they spent their honeymoon at my grandparent's home. They were sweethearts, and often they would dance in our living room to the tunes of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. I will forever in my memory see them doing a little Texas-two-step and also waltzing to the beautiful tune of "Waltz Across Texas" by Ernest Tubb. In later years, my mother became ill with Parkinson's Disease. My dad was her major caretaker for many years. I never once heard him complain. He always had a smile on his face. I guess both of my parents took those vows quite literally and solemnly: "For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health". My daddy went to heaven first. I knew my momma would not be able to be here on this earth too long without her sweetheart. She went to heaven six months after my daddy's death. What a sweet, sweet reunion that must have been in heaven!! I will always miss my parents, but I know one of these days we will be reunited! Momma and Daddy, you will forever be in our hearts!!

When we dance together my world's in disguise
It's a fairyland tale that's come true
When you look at me, girl, with those stars in your eyes
I could waltz across Texas with you.

Waltz across Texas with you in my arms
Waltz across Texas with you
Like a storybook ending I'm lost in your charms
And I could waltz across Texas with you.

My heartaches and troubles are just up and gone
The moment you came into view
With your hand in mine, dear, I could waltz on and on
And waltz across Texas with you.

Waltz across Texas with you in my arms
Waltz across Texas with you
Like a storybook ending I'm lost in your charms
And I could waltz across Texas with you.
(lyrics by Ernest and Talmadge Tubb)


Purvail said...


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

LOVEly post! Memories... oh memories... irreplaceable!
Hope you are having a wonderful & warm Valentines day.

sissie said...

What a lovely post about your parent's love story. You are so fortunate to have had two loving people to call Mom and Dad.


Pauline said...

Dear Vicki, I do so enjoy visiting your blog - you always have such lovely stories to share with us. Thanks for this precious one about your parents. So sweet :o)

God bless you.

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oh Vicki, I am so teary eyed... you know me and our precious memories! I always called my parents mama and daddy too, never mother and father... when I post about them, they are still "mama and daddy"... what beautiful momma and daddy you have! (I know they are in Heaven now, but you still have them, I never refer to my loved ones who are now in Heaven in the past tense... they are with us every single day)... I can just picture your wonderful momma and daddy doing the Texas two~step in your living room... how precious! Valentines love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Sweet Vicki, the love story of your mom and dad brought tears to my eyes for all its beauty and wonder. Thank you for sharing, friend. Happy Valentines Day! Blessings and Hugs, Coralie

Our Back Porch said...

Oh Vicki. I got goosebumps and tears while reading this. My sweet in-laws went to heaven 7 weeks apart. My FIL was an invalid and my MIL took care of him, above and beyond, never complaining. She went first, and he just grieved for her. They called me their daughter-in-love. My precious hubby is an only child, so this was so hard! We miss them so much! But like you, we know they are together and we will see them both some day. God Bless sweet Vicki. Thanks for stopping by!

Valentine Hugs and Blessings,

Pom Pom said...

What a sweet story, Vicki!
Commitment like that is wonderful. It reminds me of that song by Mark Schultz Walking Her Home. Beautiful! Happy Love Day, friend!

Maria said...

Vicki, this is such a sweet post about your parents... and what a song... I don't know the tune, but back then...the lyrics provide the rhythm (since it all made sense :o)

What dear, dear people ... making a beautiful family ~ a beautiful legacy ♥
Happy Day to you ~ Maria

Maria said...

ps. I love your new blog header!

Carolyn said...

What a lovely post!


Cottage Rose said...

OH Vicki;;; This is such a beautiful tribute to your Momma&Daddy... gosh I have a lump in the throat,,, I can't seem to find the right words..... except Thank you for sharing such a Lovely story......


Julie Harward said...

This sweet story made me cry! I can just see them dancing and hear the music too...wonderful times! Wish more people would do such things today! I love the new header too! Thank you for your kindness today, it means a lot to me! Come say hi any time :D

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, Vicki... what a sweet and loving tribute to your parents! This made me cry, but in a good way. My parents are up there waltzing down the streets of gold, too. :-) And that Texas waltz is so pretty.

It's funny. My grandmother's brother was a man who was so in love with his wife he couldn't see straight, and he was like that into their senior years. Well, she died of a heart attack about a week after his sister died. Then Uncle Oscar was sitting on his bed, getting ready to put his socks on to go to church, and he had a heart attack, laid back, and died right there. He didn't make it one week without Aunt Molly.

I feel sorrier for men because they seem so helpless. My uncle lived a few years after my aunt died, and he was ready to go from the minute she left his life. She was his sweetheart, too. But my cousin (his son) just willed his daddy to live and looked after him very carefully. I have never seen a son love a parent more. But when my uncle finally joined his sweetheart, we couldn't help but be happy for him because he missed her so much. There is nothing like a real love story, and your parents obviously had it. Mine did, too. And my grandmother did. She loved two men in her life, and married both of them. And she told me she had the great joy of being married to the only two men she had ever loved and the great sorrow of burying them. But they are all celebrating together in heaven today!

Happy Valentine's Day! Loved this post.


Sheila :-)

June said...

Vicki this is just the most beautiful tribute to love I have read all day. What devotion it takes to stay married for so long and then when things get tough, to cling even tighter to the one we love.
My husband and I dance, and that is also one of our favorite tunes to waltz to as well.
hugs sweet friend,

T's Daily Treasures said...

What a beautiful love story. One that brings tears to my eyes. You've told it so well! Such lovely, treasured memories. And that mosaic heart is just so pretty! Wishing you a wonderful day full of love and joy. Blessings, Tammy

koralee said...

So so lovely...hope you had a sweet day today.

Duchess of Tea said...

Vicki darling I am not one to read a long post, but I have to admit, I read this one not once but twice, the second time with tears in my eyes. Lovely post. Hope you had a lovely weekend and a I wish you a sunny week.

Love & Hugs


What a precious love story, I love the names of your parents .. very original and cute. I can imagine them dancing in the living room. The best love stories are the true ones... like this.

Donatella said...


Say It With Roses said...

Hello Vicki,
I am in Arizona, but got a little itch to get on the computer and see what is happening....we won't be home for several weeks yet.
This is a lovely story about your parents....they had the kind of marriage we all want! Times and families have sadly changed so much!!
You have a gift for writing stories that are spellbinding!!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Vicki, what a beautiful touching post! I have tears in my eyes now! Your parents love is what we all dream about! How proud they must be of you, looking down and smiling I am sure!! You are a beautiful person Vicki and it shines through!!
Love ya,

Ana said...

Awww Vicki what a sweet post honoring your Momma and Daddy's love for eachother. Yes indeed what a sweet, sweet reunion it must have been. Thank you for sharing their story with us. Oh and may God bless my marriage with as many wonderful, love-filled years as your parents. Beautiful.

Much love to you,

Me....bunny said...


When I read this I truly started crying for it literally made me cry tears of joy. What a sweet story and your right...They're up there cutin' a rug together...


Marydon Ford said...

Vicki ~ This is an absolutely heart rendering warm loving memory of your parents ... I am teary eyed. It makes my heart melt, the love they shared ... the love you have for them.

Beautiful story ... may they dance forever amongst the angels.

Hugs, Marydon

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a lovely love story, Vicki. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. What a beautiful couple they make. And anyone that loves our Cowboys is A-OK with me!! LOL

Angelic Accents

Leann said...

That is a true love story and really warmed my heart. May your memories warm yours.


Barbara said...

What a great tribute to your parents and a beautiful love story. Memories place a very important part in our lives and you have some great ones.


Tardevil said...

What a sweet, sweet love story and example of how we should love.

Dianne said...

This is an incredible story and I love the song. I had never heard it until a friend of mine asked me to calligraph it for a couple getting married as a wedding gift.

A calligrapher friend of mine ended up doing the work for her and it turned out beautifully. I bet your parents are having fun waltzing across heaven.

Thanks for a tear and a smile.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Vicki, what a lovely tribute to your parents. It is so hard when they leave us, but we can look forward to reuniting with them in Heaven one day. Thanks for sharing their sweet story.


shirley said...

What a beautiful person/daughter you are to share this wonderful memory with us. It was truly a love story. Life is good!
Thank you for sharing.

Myra said...

Dear Sister. . .
This was indeed a beautiful story and memory. Your memories are mine too, of course, and I loved reliving these. I also loved reading all the prior posts and seeing how touched others were. They are certainly correct! I know for a fact that you are a beautiful, caring person, beautiful both inside and out. You're the epitome of what a Christian woman is.

Speaking of memories: Remember how in later years, Daddy would sometimes carry Momma's purse for her and hold her arm to help her along? He never felt that carrying a ladies purse was not "macho", or unmanly. He was a gentleman through and through and would have walked through fire for the love of his life.

I never doubted that our parents loved us and their grandchildren, but they loved each other first and foremost. Which, in my book, is the way it should be.

Thanks again for the beautiful memories.
I love you bunches!