Thursday, October 4, 2012

A clothesline was a news forecast. . .

to neighbors passing by.  There were no secrets you could keep when clothes were hung to dry.

It also was a friendly link. . .For neighbors always knew. . .If company had stopped on by to spend a night or two.  For then you'd see the "fancy sheets" and towels upon the lines;  You'd see the "company tablecloths" with intricate designs.

The line announced a baby's birth from folks who lived inside.  As brand new infant clothes were hung so carefully with pride!

The ages of the children could so readily be known.  By watching how the sizes changed, you'd know how much they'd grown!

It also said, "Gone on vacation now" when lines hung limp and bare.  It told, "We're back" when full lines sagged with not an inch to spare.

But clotheslines now are of the past for dryers make work much less.  Now what goes on inside a home is anybody's guess.

I really miss that way of life.  It was a friendly sign when neighbors knew each other best by what hung on the line!!~author unknown

My momma always hung her "wash" on the line.  I remember how good those sheets smelled when she brought them in after being sun dried.  I can almost smell them now!!  Yes, those were wonderful days that I will always cherish.  Hope you are having happy memories today, sweet friends.


Julie Marie@Idyllhours said...

Oh Vicki... I sooo look forward to your posts!... this one is just precious!... we both cherish our family and memories so very much... the simpler, gentler times... my mama hung our wash out to dry too... and chatted with neighbors... I miss those days... I still hang whatever I can out on my little folding clothes rack to dry... nothing like the sweet smell of freshly washed and sun dried linens and such... thanks for bringing back some more happy memories!... xooxo Julie Marie

BECKY said...

Hi Vicki! This was just darling. I loved all the photos, too, especially that first one of the little girl. I recently wrote about how I miss being able to hang clothes outside, too. In our age of technology, (which, yes some things are wonderful!)the various neighborhoods have imposed rules about what can and cannot be one's own back yard! I helped my mom and older sisters hang clothes for years and years. Ahhhh, that fresh, sun-kissed aroma! Thanks for sharing this lovely post!

Pom Pom said...

I find clothes lines so romantic and HAPPY, too!
My granny hung her wash in her tiny back garden and she used her old garage to store canned goods. I wish I could have one more sniff of that garage.
We still hang our wash, but our neighbors can't see it because of the fences. I'll just keep taking pictures of it, I guess!
Great post, Vicki! I wish you a blissful day, sweet one.

The Quintessential Magpie said...


I absolutely loved this poem. PRECIOUS.

Hope you have been well. I'm going to try and blog more, but I still don't have a computer. I have to borrow Mr.M's when he lets me. ;-)

We had a clothes line, too, and one time, my cousin and I were riding horses. I was on a pony, and he was on a tall Tenneessee Walker, and I turned around to say "Watch the clothes line" as I saw him go over backwards. He had a LINE across his face and nothing more, but we knew we would be in trouble. Fortunately, everyone was glad he didn't break his neck!

But I remember the way things smelled from the sunshine. It was wonderful. And I had never thought how this announced all sorts of things to the world. We lived in the country so not many people got to see it but us and company I would have over to play. But we were sort of oblivious at that age. Except to the smell of clean, sun dried laundry. THAT I will remember forever. THAT and it flapping in the breeze.

Happy Fall!



Leann said...

I still hang out our clothes and everything else when the weather is nice. I love that fresh smell!

Love the poem!!!


Isabel-Lo said...

Hello my friend, I like tus postales son beautiful, kisses

Shirley said...

As a young girl growing up with several siblings, I always helped my mom on wash job was to hand mom the clothes pins and have the next item ready for her. The best part was when clothes had to come in from the frozen cold and I thought it was the funniest thing when I could stand my dads pants up by themselves as they stood frozen. Boy those were the good old days..

Holly Loves Art said...

Such a lovely post. I think we all miss that way of life to some point. I miss just playing outside and climbing trees... or playing with my Barbies. Easier days for sure.

Anonymous said...

So sweet and yes, this brings back such fond memories. Hope you enjoy a delightful weekend, dear Vicki.

Sending love and hugs,
Marianne xo