Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It is so hot. . .

even the little birds are not finding a respite. . .

As I water my flowers and grass each day,

the little birds flock around my house and sprinkler looking for some cool refreshment.

Even though I have a bird bath and a pond, they do not seem to be enough in this oppressive heat.

Praying for some cooling showers here in Texas. . .Hope this note finds you, my friends, able to stay cool as you enjoy your summer days.

"Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark."~Tagore


Marilyn said...

Hot here in the northeast too! Today upwards of 90.... Whew!! But... it is sure better than a January Blizzard!! I LOVE SUMMER ! !
Have a Great Evening !

Victoria said...

We were horribly hot here in So Cal last week and very humid too but we almost never get summer rain:( It's cooled down considerably...for now!

Hoping for some rain for you and the birds!!!

Kerri said...

Hi Vicki, I love your birdies so sweet :) I am in Florida and although it is HOT we are having our daily summer rain. Would love to share some of it with you and your birdies.

Don't forget to visit my blog when you have a minute, I posted my latest artwork and I added a follower gadget too.

Blessings ~


Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello dear Vicki!

It is hot here too, in central NJ. Hope you get some rain soon for your sweet birdies and flowers. :)

Debbie xo

Terra said...

Praying for cooling showers for you in Texas, and I adore that blue bird plate in your first photo here. Temperature 74 here, so I can't complain.

GWENNY said...

I hope you get a blessing of cool , refreshing showers there in Texas. Love your little new grandaughter on your sidebar. I have a new grandson myself.Pure Bliss!

T's Daily Treasures said...

There will be no cooling rains around here but we sure saw enough of it while in Nepal. Has been humid here the past few days but we are holed up inside hiding away from it all. I put water out for the birds but all the plants on one of our balconies died while we were away for 10 days so they don't have anything to nibble on. :( Will have to go plant shopping again soon. Take care and have a wonderful day. Tammy

Sarita Boyette said...

I just found your pretty blog - Love all your nice things! I live in Texas also, in Grapevine between Dallas & Fort Worth. It is so hot & dry. Someone was making fun of the governor for asking us to pray for rain, but I'm glad he did.
God bless you!

Shirley said...

Hi Vicki, If the humiditiy would just go away it would be better.It has been in the 90's with triple heat index. I love looking at your blog and the pretty pictures. It has been hot and humid. The river has dropped alittle. I wish we could pipe the flood water to the people that really need it. Well it is time to go to work. Take care. Your Missouri Friend.

Gail said...

I feel so uplifted after reading your lovely thoughts and viewing the pretty pics.
I continue to pray that Texas gets rain.