Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello, dear friends!! Welcome to our "Tea Time on Tuesday" and "Vintage Alphabet Party"

What is it about handpainted china. . .
that makes my heart skip a beat. . .

makes me smile from head to toe?

I so admire those who can paint these lovely pieces, don't you?

I am sharing with you today, sweet friends, some of my favorite pieces. . .plates, cups, saucers, tea caddy, tea strainer and

tea trivet. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my favorite things around "Bunny Cottage".

For the Vintage Alphabet Party, our letters are "N" and "O". For "N" I am sharing vintage needlework, a favorite southern belle linen. I think the needlework on this piece is extraordinary.

And for "O" some old garden roses from my garden. These roses are called "La Marne". Please visit those who are participating in our tea time by going here to see our wonderful hostesses: Martha @ Sandi @ and Terri @ For those participating in the etsy cottage style vintage alphabet party, please visit here:
Have a lovely week and may God bless each and every one of you always!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's all right, honey. I've got you!!

I was shopping recently at a local garden center when I noticed a man and his wife also shopping for flowers to plant in their garden. The stately man was a veteran of our US military I could tell by the cap he wore. His sweet wife had difficulty walking and was very unsteady on her feet.
I watched as she held on to the handle of the shopping cart to steady herself and make it easier for her to walk. Her kind husband was right by her side and holding onto the side of the cart so it wouldn't suddenly move forward and cause her to lose her balance.

As the wife would point out which flowers she would like to plant, her husband would carefully place them in the basket. A few times I would hear her husband reassure her that he was holding onto the cart and making sure that she would not fall. He would say, "It's all right, honey, I've got you!"

As I thought on his words, it came to mind that this is really what we are called to do in our world today. To walk alongside each other, to steady each other, to reassure each other with words of kindness. In the same way this is what God does for us. When we stumble, when we fall, when we fail miserably, He is right there by our side, sheltering us, speaking words of kindness and saying to us, "It's all right, my child. I've got you!"

I am certain that loving gentleman went home and planted all of those pretty flowers for his dear wife to enjoy in their garden.
Thank you so much for coming by for a visit today, my sweet and kind friends. You are a blessing and an encouragement to me along this journey we call life.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Barn chicks, Texas barns, genuine cowgirls, and my pioneer heritage~

I am a "barn chick" and a cowgirl at heart. . .must be my Texas/New Mexico roots. . .

I have noticed we Texans love to paint our state flag on our barns. . .

Yes, we are a pretty proud bunch when it comes to our state. We were, after all, our own country at one time. We sometimes still think we are!!!

Can you imagine the memories this old Texas barn holds inside?

Meet Ms. Mabel Strickland. . .Always a lady, Always a cowgirl. . ."The Lovely Lady of Rodeo" ~ I have always admired our country's cowgirls for their charm, their courage, and their "true grit".

Ms. Prairie Rose Henderson, bronc rider, competitive relay race rider, Hall of Fame Cowgirl

I love her "bloomers", don't you? They were considered very "racy" at the time for showing too much leg!!!

"Sunday Flowers", a favorite painting done by one of my favorite artists, Gary Niblett. I grew up with Gary in Carlsbad, New Mexico. He is a member of the "Cowboy Artists of America" and the "Santa Fe Watercolor Society"

The thing that I love so much about this painting is that even in the days of our pioneers, these sweet ladies loved to gather up wildflowers and enjoy the beautiful world God has given us. I have pioneer roots. My great great grandfathers were part of the "Old 300", the first 300 pioneer settlers who came to Texas in the 1800's with Stephen F. Austin. I like to think that I have that same "pioneer spirit" in my heart. Thank you, sweet and dear friends, for joining me today. I am participating in the "Barn Chicks" party hosted by Karen of Brayton Homestead Interiors. I am posting a little early, the party actually starts Friday, August 6. Please visit my friend Karen @ to see all of the other participants. May God enfold each and every one of us in the shelter of His wings.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Come and share a pot of tea~My home is warm, and my friendship is free.

Welcome to tea, sweet friends!! I will put the tea kettle on~"Remember the tea kettle, it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings!"
Please choose a favorite cup and saucer. . .

" Come along inside...

We'll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place." The Wind in the Willows

Below is one of my favorite plates adorned with a "sweet" and my grandmother's sewing scissors. I will always treasure them.

We can sit and visit a while here in my comfy very red chairs...

These ladies are from the 1915 Ladies Home Journal. I wonder if they are going out to tea. Would you wear one of these sweet hats to tea? If so, which one would you choose. I would have a hard time deciding. . .

I hope you have enjoyed our tea time today. Please visit all the others who are participating in our Tea Cups on Tuesday. You will find them here with our lovely hostesses: Martha@ Sandi @ and Terri@
May you have the happiest of weeks!!