Sunday, September 26, 2010

I get a little sentimental about this time each year. . .

What is it about autumn that is always a little bittersweet to me? I love this wonderful season, in fact, it is my favorite along with spring, and yet I always reminisce about the past and the times of my childhood. Those golden days of turquoise blue skies and fiery red and golden leaves...

I remember~
*fishing for trout on the Pecos River with my daddy on a cool autumn morning. I was so excited when I caught one. We fried them up and ate them, too.
*Friday night football games cheering for our Carlsbad Cavemen team~"Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar, All for the Cavemen, stand up and hollar!!!"
*my momma's cornbread dressing, steaming hot with cranberry sauce at our Thanksgiving table. We always used our best china and silver and lace tablecloth, being truly thankful for all we had been blessed with.
*Halloween carnivals at school where we were led blindfolded into the "haunted house" where we touched eyeballs (peeled grapes), intestines (cooked spaghetti) and brains (cold jiggly jello). There was always one room where we could spend a ticket and go inside the room and watch "Spanky and Our Gang" movies, a real treat in those days where movies and videos did not abound.

Yes, these were happy times and still are as I think back to those long ago days. What memories do you have of autumn? Many happy ones, I hope. Thank you so much for stopping by today and allowing me to share some memories with you, sweet friends~Have a happy autumn week!


Maria said...

Hi Vicki!
Oh I do remember !
The Friday night cheers... the best...
They don't cheer like that any more!
We went to several of my nephew's football games and the cheering was interesting to watch, but not very involved with the game or the crowd. I loved cheering along so many years ago and can remember, as you do, the fun we had!
~hope you have a lovely week dear ♥
Thank you for adding such sweetness to the world~

Julie Harward said...

I do remember many of these things too...and Fall just brings all these memories back to my heart too! Have a great season! :D

BECKY said...

Hi Vicki! Oh, yes...autumn is my favorite time of the year. I always think of school days, too...from grade school through high school. Walking along, shuffling the leaves, the aroma of burning leaves...Mmmmm...too bad we can't do that anymore where I live! Pollution and all that! :(
Sunny days, cooler temps, a different shade of blue skies, sock hops after the football games! OMG! What fun!!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Vicki... thanks for sharing some of your precious Autumn memories from your childhood... I just love it when you post these things... your blindfolded haunted house sounds fun! Did you scream alot? I would have! Your mama's cornbread stuffing sounds so yummy... I too get a little nostalgic this time of year, even though it is my very favorite season of all too... my mama always let my sister Jill and I decorate our bedroom we shared with crepe paper streamers and little squirrel and leaf cutouts... I remember how much fun Jill and I had doing it, and mama always helped... I couldn't wait for Autumn mix candy either, and mama always set a little bowl of it out... you and I were very blessed to experience all of the wonderful things we did as children... and our memories will keep them alive forever... much love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

Jill said...

So nice to learn a little more about you! :-)
I love Fall and Spring too! My favorites!
Have a lovely day!

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Vicki!
What a lovely trip down memory lane! Yes, I do enjoy fall here in Michigan...crisp days, leaves turning, glorious colors and the local Cider Mills have yummy spiced donuts and cold cider! YUM!!!

Have a lovely day sweet friend!

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Hi Vicki,
I love sweatshirt and jeans weather. Very nice memories you have. Yes, football games and the smell of the fireplaces and wood stoves. Fun memories.

Mari said...




Lisa said...

OH I love it!! I too think that is what is so great about this time of year!! Lovely Post!

June said...

Carlsbad Cavemen??? I wonder if the cavemen on the Geico commercials know about this? LOL!!! Their own football team.
Oh yes, I remember the Fall football games, watching my boyfriend (now husband) playing and getting creamed sometimes. Halloween was of course my favorite holiday, next to Christmas. J
I loved reading your favorite Fall memories Vicki, they brought back many of my own. Just the smell of Autumn stirs many fond memories for me.
I hope you have a great week sweet friend. I'm going to covered in paint all week.

maría cecilia said...

Such sweet memories, dear Vicki, I did too went fishing with my father and then too we fried those fishes, it was so nice doing that!!!
maria cecilia

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Vicki! I'm catching up on all your past posts tonight (I've been sick!). I love everything you've shared, especially here on this post....did you know my granddaughter's name is Autumn? Yep! You and I both have lots of the same Fall memories!! Such a wonderful time of year.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Debbie said...

I truly enjoyed reading this post!
And by the way... You have the most beautiful romantic treasures... That I have ever seen!
Thanks for sharing!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Vicki!

I've missed you. Coming up for air after what ended up being a longer recuperation for Mr. Magpie, and I'm planning to blog again in a week or so. In the mean time, I dropped by for a visit to see what you've been doing.

Loved reading this. I had to laugh about the "two bits" cheer because I remember that one well. Does that date us??? ;-) And I have many of the same memories you do. I always get a nostaglic feeling in the fall, but I was a summer girl and mine was co-mingled with the sadness that swimming and horseback riding (all day long) and water skiing and roaming free and all the things I loved to do were summer activities.

But I always loved getting a great big box of crayons and new school supplies, cute plaid dresses, and new school shoes. Also, dancing lessons started up again in the fall, and I loved that. Thanks for making me stop and smell the leaves. ;-)

Sending you warm hugs, my friend...


Sheila :-)

Pom Pom said...

I remember coloring in my play house. We'd draw endless Halloween pictures. I love ginger cookies, cider, candles and leaf walks. Happy!