Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bouquets picked just for you, dear friends~

While strolling through my garden this morning, I cut some of my old garden roses and put them in these pretty bottles for us to enjoy today.
"Where comes this idea that if what we are doing is fun, it can't be God's will? The God who made giraffes, a baby's fingernails, a puppy's tail, a crooknecked squash, the bobwhite's call, and a young girl's giggle, has a sense of humor. Make no mistake about that."~Catherine Marshall
Aren't you glad He has a sense of humor? I hope you share some giggles with someone soon!! Love and blessings always~ Vicki


Rebecca said...

If we are made in the image of God the Almighty and we love to laugh...isn't it reasonable to THINK God loves to laugh, too!

I think so!

I love your flowers. Thank you. I'm afraid if I meandered though my neglected garden I'd only come away with a handful of weeds. Inside remodeling always causes my yard and garden to suffer.

Love to you this summer day~


Julie Harward said...

It is God's will for sure...he made this beautiful earth for his precious children to enjoy, every tiny bit of it!
I swear I can smell those flowers! The image of the lady...she is such a beauty! :D

Julie Marie said...

Hello Vicki... I love your gorgeous old roses and they all look so very pretty in the little jars you have lovingly placed them in... what a pretty quote too... I cannot imagine a day without laughter... a sense of humor is the first thing I notice about a person... and I love it! Pretty vintage image too... wish I lived close enough to you that we could sit out in your garden and sip sweet tea and giggle! xoxo Julie Marie

Pauline said...

Dear Vicki, such a sweet little post :o) I do so enjoy reading it; it made me smile :o)

God bless you, dear lady.

Jill said...

Love the roses! I can just imagine the fragrance of them. Hmmmm Thanks for sharing and for making me smile. I needed that today.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Joy and humor should be embraced even when times are tough...laughing makes difficult times so much easier.
Your display of flowers is beautiful:-)

sissie said...

Thanks for your lovely post today. The old fashioned roses are just the thing to make me smile.


Connie said...

Those flowers are just beautiful, sugar!

I KNOW God has a sense of humor. He gave us teenagers, chick!!!!


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I miss my rose garden that was destroyed when my home burned. Thanks for giving me glimpses of lost beauty.

The beauty of the past echoes throughout your lovely blog. In my latest post, I talk of Marlene Dietrich's forgotten three years of danger, entertaining the troops on the front in WWII with a death price on her head.

Beauty and heroism. It's a shame how quickly they are forgotten. Love your blog, Roland

Lisa said...

How lovely! YOu are so sweet to share with us!
Hugs, Lisa

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Sweet Vicki!
Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my dear 83yr old friend cottage apartment. She is a treasure indeed and has become like a mom to me since my mom lives 2000 miles away. She tells me she is very content and loves her lil home.

I sure wish I could smell your roses...they are so beautiful..I must go and tend to mine!

I so adore Catherine Marshall and what great words of wisdom she had..I have read many of her books!


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Vicki...I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful miniature bouquets :) :) :) How lovely!!!...Was very interested to know where you found some of those mini vases? Those are nice too :) :)

I love that Catherine Marshall quote. I've read "Christy"...but not anything else of hers. In any case, I copied that Catherine Marshall quote and posted it on my Facebook page!!!

Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

Sares said...

beautiful flowers, I wish I could smell them! Hope you have a beautiful wonderful evening!

Elaine said...

Hi Vicki, your roses look simply beautiful in those lovely colored bottles. Sending all good wishes your way, Tammy (PS I'm posting from my aunt's computer)

June said...

Hi Vickie,
I don't know if you already know this, but my son's syndrome is called Angleman, and one of the main hallmarks of the syndrome is excessive laughter for no known cause. I know that God makes no mistakes, so I know that He loves laughter...and joy...and I know he knows the reason that these sweet children laugh!!!
Beautiful bouquets and beautiful post!!!

June said...

Oops Vickie, I misspelled Angelman syndrome. Angelman not angleman.

Dianne said...

Oh, Vicki, Catherine Marshall is one of my all-time favorite writers. As a young wife and mother, she was probably the most influential female in my life--helping me grow and learn to love Jesus more than my next breath.

The roses and the post is beautiful--as are you.

peppermint said...

Vicki, that is a great quote from Catherine Marshall. As a young teen, I loved her book "Christy" and it makes me want to read it again! Love your roses, so pretty how you displayed them! Have a wonderful day and upcoming weekend.

Live Creatively, Patti

Leann said...

Oh Vicki I love these beautiful blooms displayed so simply. Their beauty shines through!


Maria said...

Hi Vicki!
Oh I think that too! Some varieties of chickens really get me giggling...
They are too funny!
Your flowers are so sweet...and the portrait is so beautiful!
You always brighten my day, Vicki!
thank you dear ♥ You are a treasure to us all!

Judi said...

Hi Vicki
Thank you for sharing your beautiful roses. The jars and vases are darling...Happy PINK Saturday!
have a wonderful weekend...

suzyq said...

Hi Vicki, thanks so much for coming to visit me in Australia. Chooks is real aussie slang for chickens!! Love the pretty roses from your garden.


A sweet and blessed post!

Ana said...
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Ana said...

Ana said...
Hi Vicki,
I always say that God must have a great sense of humor...He created the platypus...Funny looking little critter. Beautiful post. Thank you dear friend for the lovely bouquet of flowers. Wishing you a wonderful day.

Love to you,

***Oops, misspelled a few words in the comment I left before, couldn't let a teacher see all those mistakes :-) Hee, hee, hee.

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello sweet friend! Your roses are so pretty displayed in their little vases! I love roses!
I so agree aboutthe sense of humor things. That's one of the things I loved about my hubby so much! Wish we could share some giggles together in person.

Love and bunny hugs,

Pom Pom said...

You have so many pretty pinks, Vicki!