Sunday, September 6, 2009

You have inspired me!

I have always loved artists and the beautiful art they create. Renoir is one of my favorites. In school, my favorite subject to teach was art. About this time of year, the children would create masks, and I was always amazed at the wonderful work they did. I have also enjoyed seeing the art that so many of you create. I love to look at your amazing creations. And so, I started thinking maybe I could create something, too. A few days ago, my sweet friend, Julie Marie, from Idyllhours showed some vintage bottles. They were all so pretty and so unique. I then remembered that my daughter-in-law had given me a vintage looking bottle a few years ago, and I decided to try and decorate it. My sister, Myra, helped me print a vintage label from France. I am not sure what it says, but I think it is a label for soap. I put it on the bottle, tied some pink and green ribbon around the neck of the bottle, and accentuated the ribbon with an old pearl earring. I also added some silver hearts above the label, and topped off the bottle with an old rhinestone earring. I had so much fun. Now, I am looking for vintage type bottles to decorate some more for friends and family. Thank you all for inspiring me to try a little creating myself. If you get the opportunity, please go and visit Julie Marie at She is a sweet lady and has a wonderful blog.

I recently met two nice ladies who are willing to share their vintage images with artists to use in their artistic creations. I know there are several others who share their images as well, and I think their generosity is great! Carol Anne at and Jany at graciously share their images with you. Please visit them when you have the opportunity.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I love having company!


Rebecca said...

LOVELY as EVER my friend. YOu just come up with the BEST THINGS for us all to see.

Thanks for sharing!

Love to you~


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Vicki... your bottle is just beautiful! You are correct, the label represents a soap from the flowers of Alsace, in France, I believe it is known for it's wine mostly... thank you so much for your kind words about me and my post about my vintage bottles... some of mine were already embellished when I bought them, many of them I fufu'd up myself... I have alot more vintage ones, just not adorned all in white so they didn't make it to White Wednesday that day! I hope you will show more as you create them... I love using my vintage broken jewelry and other pretty things on old bottles... I am always on the lookout for unusual ones... Your blog is so lovely... once again Vicki... Merci! Bisous... Julie Marie

icandy... said...

Hello and.... Congrats!! You made the most beautiful bottle! I am so proud of you... and the itch to make more??? Fabulous! Keep us posted, I'd love to see what else you come up with!

Tanza said...

Hi Vicki,
Thanks soo much for dropping in to say hello to me.. Always LoVe meeting new lovely ladies !! I'm soo happy you put a vote in for Rebecca !! She is an amazing person, and a very special friend to me !! Your pretties are wonderful, I soo enjoyed visiting you, and will follow along, so I won't miss a beat !! Happy end of Summer to you my friend !!
hugs ~tea~

Ana said...

Hi Vicki,
Your bottle turned out great. I haven't been blogging for long, but already I have met a lot of very creative and inspiring people. I love how much creativity, inspiration and ideas are out there in Blog Land. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

Holly said...

Very pretty, Vicki! Great job! The pink and Green go together so great! Was it fun?

I haven't done up a bottle before but I hear it's addicting! ☺ I hope you Keep creating because it's so therapeutic. ♥

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Vicki,
Your bottle turned out so lovely! Watch out, the BUG has bitten you..creating and taking unused items and embellishing them is so much fun! I KNOW that feeling all toooooo well, lol.

Have a great week!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Vicki,
Your bottle is stunning and looks sooo lovely with all of your other pretties!! How creative you are, you truly inspire me! Thank you so very much for the "shout out" today, how very sweet of you! I just love visiting you, your blog is beautiful!!
xo Carol Anne

Bunny said...

Vicki it is beautiful, love what you did to dress up the bottle. Very unique. Great job. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

koralee said...

I adore your creations...the bottle is simply beautiful...pure inspiration!

Laurie said...

Your new creation look so at home on that table! Guess it's true that if we choose what we love it will all go together nicely :)

junkdreams said...

Hi Vicki
So glad you stopped by my blog for a visit, as now I have found your blog.....I love your embellished bottles!!! I'm always on the lookout for little bottles to embellish.

Sares said...

I recently got the bottle decorating bug too! I just did two today. Yours turned out beautifully. I hope you have a great week!

Say It With Roses said...

Hi did such a fantastic job with your bottle don't stop at just one.

I found some cute 5" bottles at Mary Maxim's the other day. They are in different shapes with little hobnail designs in the glass and I am going to try those....I haven't done them before, either. I have been going around looking at all objects and wondering, can I do this or that to them! lol!

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.